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Hello, I'm Ama Nicolich, I'm an artist, photographer and creative mind based in Moscow, Russia
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Selected projects
Life is like a fairy tale
All fairy tales and fairy tale creatures have been invented by someone. But the strange thing is, our brains don't distinguish reality from fantasy. Maybe someone saw them once? This series of works is a recycling of memories and childhood impressions on the basis of family photo archive.
Selected projects
A family birthday party documented on a supra wide-angle Belomo Belarusian opto-mechanical factory objective lens, which has already been out of production. The obtained photography of distorted magical moments almost sensations have been transferred to oil paintings.
Selected projects
Through the wings
The series of works is devoted to insects and touches upon such a sad fact as their extinction. The number of insects has radically decreased in recent years. Scientists talk about the beginning of their mass extinction. There is even such a concept as "windshield effect" - we’ve to clean the windshield from insects less and less often. This problem is acute because insects are an important link in the global biological chain.
Selected projects
Spatium means space in Latin. This series of works is a reflection on the theme of loneliness, how much fear of loneliness, isolation, rejection, exile, albeit voluntary, is present in each of us. A man in a spacesuit is a man without interaction with the world around him. It is always an encounter with oneself.
Selected projects
Baskai Riha
The word "baskay" in Old Slavonic means beautiful. Riha is the nonexistent girl I dreamt about. In the dream she said her name was Riha and she knew where the exit was. Since then I have been trying to remember her and visualize her. Maybe then some kind of a way out will appear.
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
Selected projects
Objects of light
What does light show us? And what does it hide? The duality of light is manifested not only in its physical characteristics, but also in its metaphysical ones. Light can illuminate the way, objects, entities, but it can also hide, blind us, depriving us of the ability to see.
Selected projects
We recognize and manifest ourselves in interaction with someone or something. Each time it is a question of the boundaries of our contact. It is through interaction we come to know ourselves.
Selected projects
Movement score
Since 2019, resident of the project "Movement Score". The essence of the project was the interaction between an artist and a performer-dancer, who focused not on the dance shape but on the movement methods, with an attempt to distance himself from the social side of his identity. The artist's task was to capture the states of being through his perception.

Ama Nicolich - multidisciplinary artist and photographer from Russia. In 2009 graduated from the photojournalism department of Moscow State University and in 2020 from one of the oldest art schools the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Art in the department of "Monumental and Decorative Art". Since 2015 actively work as an artist.

In my artistic practice I explore distortions of associative connections. The central figure and source of inspiration for me is the human being. I am interested in observing through my work to what extent a person's thinking allows them to create complex associative structures and through what means this is reflected in their subjective reality.

Artworks are in private collections in Russia, USA, UK, Oman, Italy


2022-2023 Radiopaint workshop, British Higher School of Art and Design
2020 Stroganov Moscow State Academy of design and applied arts (Monumental decorative art)
2009 Moscow State University, photojournalist
Selected Awards and Honors
2022 New York Center for Photographic Art, Trees, Short list, Juror's Selection
2022 Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia (Honorable mention, category "Fine art. Portrait")
2016 Art Portrait Club International Festival, Moscow, Russia (1st place, category "Portrait")
2016 IPA The Lucie Awards, Los Angeles, USA (Honorable mention, category "People. Portrait")
Selected Projects and Exhibitions
2023 Radiopaint. Digital Exhibition #2. Radio Gallery, Spatial
2022 The poetry of space. Entry/exit point, Third Place NFT, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2021 At the junction of time, Alpert Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2021 Parallels of visual perception. Facets of spring, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2020 The score of movement, Ground Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2019 Search, IZO Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2018 Red, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, USA
2018 Exhibition of Russkijdom, Verona, Italy
2015 Moscow. Breath of time, VHUTEMAS Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009 World Press Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Personal Exhibitions
2021 Poetry of lines, Cultural Center of the Armenian Embassy, Moscow, Russia

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